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About Draping Jackets Online in Selvedge Magazine Newsletter

Christine Mayer has launched a new three part online draping class dedicated to jackets, which starts on 30 May. During the class, Christine will teach upcycling using a men’s jacket, men’s shirt or military shirt, which will be transformed into a women’s fitted jacket. In addition to her own classes, which includes a class for Australian timezones, Christine will also be teaching online for Selvedge in June. Here, Christine talks about her positive experience of ‘virtual’ teaching and why draping is her preferred way of creating unique garments.

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Keep the light burning…

These times are challenging for most of us and looking at it as an opportunity to find new creative ways in many fields is helping me a lot!

The world is changing and we can all be a part of this change. To use it as a chance in a creative way, and to plant new seeds to grow is a wonderful possibility while everything stands still.

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San Luis Obispo Draping Retreat

Thanks again for such a fabulous week!

Draping Workshop in Garden Farms, San Luis Obispo in May 2019.

“Best workshop I have ever attended.  And believe me, I’ve attended more than my fair share of workshops.  Everything was perfect and I walked away thinking I am inspired to change the way I look at designing and making.”

“Basking in the bliss of sharing a beautiful experience in such a gorgeous nature environment with an outstanding teacher and such talented women. Thank you for sharing this creative time with me and allowing me to join you on the journey.”

“My husband asked me last night how this retreat ranked with others I’ve attended and my easy answer was “the best”! Christine, you have a gentle way of bringing out the creativity in us. I was able to create in a way I never thought possible and feel like a bird that’s been freed from her cage.”



Workshops & Retreats 2019

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“Being creative means, let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.”


Dear Creative Friends & Textile Lovers

The year is slowly drawing to an end and with gratitude I look back on a dreamlike retreat summer in the South of France, wonderful workshops in the United States, Switzerland and Berlin and to many special deep encounters and unforgettable moments. For me it is a gift, to share in the workshops the love for textiles with wonderful people worldwide and to be a helping hand to reveal new, artistic ways of making clothes and being creative.
Creativity begins, where we leave proven paths!

I’m very glad to present to you today the workshop and retreat program for 2019!

South of France
We found a wonderful new place in the South of France, a former royal textile manufacture. This magic place will be the venue for the upcoming Draping & Upcycling Summer Retreat as well as for the new combined experience of the Creativity and Food retreat in 2019, where, alongside the textile and draping workshop, Natalie Viaux will introduce you to her secrets of healthy yummy vegetarian food and how to prepare it.

If you want to discover the Berlin fashion and textile scene, put the Berlin Retreat in July on your list of „things-to-do in 2019“. Together we will meet innovative Berlin designers, discover my favourite textile, fashion and food places in town and you will learn Upcycling and Draping as well as screen printing in this one-of-a-kind week.

United States
Draping at a most wonderful place, in the nature of the beautiful garden of Melinda Forbes in Garden Farms, San Luis Obispo, this Upcyling & Japanese Draping Workshop will nourish your soul.

The highlights in 2019 will be two retreats to Asia end of the year:
The Creative Journey to Nepal to discover handicrafts and textiles and the incomparable beauty of the Himalayan country, in combination with being pampered for 3 days in an exclusive Ayurveda resort up in the Himalayas.
The Thailand Retreat, to discover traditional Thai textile places in Chiang Mai, learn dyeing and weaving from a Thai textile specialist and enjoy a 6-day draping workshop in a calm environment in North Thailand.

Registration for Nepal and Thailand ends December 25, 2018. Places are limited for all workshops and retreats. As some sell out fast, it is strongly recommended to register early.
I look forward to going deeper together on a wonderful journey of creativity, textiles and consciousness.

With much Love, Christine

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Creative Retreat in San Luis Obispo, CA

One week full of light

Full of creativity

Full of love

We worked under a 100 years old walnut tree

The Father Tree

It was a life changing experience for all of us.

Thanks to 13 fantastic women!


“I will never be the same; I’ve crossed the threshold into the light.”
“Couldn’t  feel more inspired, more well-fed, more loved.”
“That week transported me to other places and it was a real retreat from the world.”


Workshop News Autumn 2018

Dear Creative Friends & Textile Lovers,

Most of the spring- and summer workshops are already fully booked!

Therefore I’m happy to offer two additional draping workshops in Berlin and South of France:

Advanced Japanese Draping Level II from October 3-6, 2018 in Berlin
Creative Summer Retreat II from September 6-13, 2018 at Chateau Marteret, South of France
Registration is now open.

NEW! From June 4-10, 2018 I will teach a Draping Workshop in San Luis Obispo in California. The workshop will be organized by the wonderful Melinda Forbes. We will work in her studio and as well as in her beautiful garden.

A special adventure will be the Creative- and Textile Journey to Nepal in November, where we will be pampered for five days in the most beautiful Ayurveda ressort in the Himalayan mountains, design and produce handmade paper ourselves, visit Nepali artists in their studios and search for textile treasures in small villages of the Kathmandu valley. Register now – there are only few places left.

For any enquires please feel free to contact me.
I’m looking forward to wonderful encounters, creative discoveries and deep experiences!

Warmest yours,
Christine Mayer




8 days of creativity  discovery  immersion
5 days Ayurveda retreat in a dreamlike resort in the Himalayan mountains

Dear Textile Lovers
In November of this year (2018) I will accompany a small group of textile and handicraft enthusiasts to Nepal, to share my personal vision of this creative and mythical country.

We will explore the old royal cities of Lalitpur and Kathmandu, discover antique and new textiles and wood carvings, learn by taking part in handicraft workshops guided by Nepalese artists, mold our own paper and, as a culmination of the journey, experience a renewal of body, mind and soul in the most beautiful luxury Ayurveda resort in the Himalayan mountains.

The registration for this journey is open until the 31st of January.
Please find a detailed description of the trip here. 

Feel warmly invited and welcome to join us! For inquiries and registration please contact me.

With all my heart


8 Tage Kreativität • Entdecken • Eintauchen
5 Tage Ayurveda Retreat im schönsten Resort im Himalaya

Liebe Kreativ-Freunde und Textile-Fans

Ich freue mich sehr, im November diesen Jahres eine Reise nach Nepal anbieten zu können, in der ich meinen persönlichen Blickwinkel dieses kreativen und mystischen Landes teilen möchte. In einer kleinen Gruppe von Textil- und Kunst Liebhabern werden wir in eine andere Welt eintauchen und die kreative Seite Nepals entdecken.

Wir erkunden die beiden alten Königsstädte Lalitpur und Kathmandu, machen uns auf die Suche nach alten und neuen Textilien und Holzschnitzereien, lernen in Workshops traditionelle nepalesische Handwerkstechniken kennen, schöpfen unser eigenes Papier vor den Toren von Kathmandu und erleben als Höhepunkt der Reise eine Erneuerung von Körper, Geist und Seele im für mich schönsten Ayurveda Resort am Fuße des Himalaya.

Anmeldungen für diese Reise sind bis zum 31. Januar möglich. 
Die ausführliche Reisebschreibung finden Sie hier. 

Ich lade Sie herzlich ein, dabei zu sein! Für Anfragen und Anmeldungen bitte kontaktieren Sie mich gerne.
Herzlichst, Christine Mayer





Liebe Kreativ-Freunde

Ein Neues Jahr steht bevor und die stille Zeit zwischen den Jahren eignet sich besonders gut, um zurück zu blicken, innezuhalten und in Dankbarkeit manch Altes gehen zu lassen.

Ich durfte im vergangenen Jahr einige von Ihnen in Workshops und Retreats begleiten und darin unterstützen, ihren persönlichen kreativen Ausdruck zu finden. Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar.
Eine Hülle zu schaffen, die uns wärmt, schützt und das Gefühl tiefer Geborgenheit schenkt, verbindet uns mit unseren archaischen Wurzeln, denn es wird seit jeher von Menschen getan. Zu spüren, welche Umhüllung die eigene Seele braucht, um Geborgenheit oder Kraft zu empfinden und diese mit den eigenen Händen zu kreieren, ist etwas, das uns sehr tief mit uns selbst verbindet. Wenn dies in den Workshops und Retreats geschieht, ist es jeweils ein großes Geschenk – auch für mich.

Im kommenden Frühjahr werde ich erneut in den USA unterrichten: als Guest Teacher beim Design Outside the Lines Retreat mit Diane Ericson in Ashland, Oregon sowie beim Upcycling & Draping Workshop in Tucson, Arizona. Für beide Workshops gibt es wenige letzte freie Plätze.
Die Highlights im Sommer sind sicherlich die beiden Retreats in Südfrankreich: Upcycling of Vintage Materials in Kooperation mit dem rennomierten britischen Selvedge Magazine im traumhaften Chateau Dumas und Textile, Upcycling & Draping im pittoresken Chateau Marteret, umgeben von 200 Hektar unberührter Natur, einer wahren Oase für Inspiration und Kreativität. Für beide Retreats gibt es noch ein paar freie Plätze.

In den Berliner Frühjahres-Workshops können Sie darüber hinaus die Kunst des Japanischen oder Freien Drapierens erlernen oder für Kurzentschlossene unter Ihnen, in Zürich Ende Januar Upcycling & Draping üben.

Ich freue mich auf viele inspirierende Begegnungen und wünsche Ihnen für das Neue Jahr 2018 Erfüllung, Inspiration und Freude sowie eine Hülle der Liebe, die alles umgibt.

Von Herzen,
Ihre Christine Mayer


Dear creative Friends

I hope you had beautiful and joyful festive days. Now these silent days before the new year starts are the perfect time to reminisce, consciously reflect and let go the past year with gratefulness. We can already see the new dawn at the horizon.

In the last year I was allowed to accompany you in workshops and retreats to support you in finding your individual creative expression. I’m very grateful for his.
Creating a textile shell, that warms and protects us, connects us with our archaic roots and is something humans have been doing for centuries always. To develop and create a wrapping for our soul with our own hands, one to feel secure and powerful, connects us deeply with our inner potential and most intimate self. If this happens in a workshop or retreat, it’s always the greatest gift – also for me.

As soon as next spring I will be teaching in the USA again: as guest teacher at Diane Ericson’s Design Outside the Lines Retreat in Ashland, Oregon as well as for the Upcycling & Draping Workshop in Tuscon, Arizona. For both workshops there are some last places available at that point.
The highlights in summer 2018 will surely be two retreats in the south of France: Upcycling  – smart usage of vintage materials, will be held in cooperation with the renowned UK Selvedge magazine.  The perfect locations for these international events  will be again the dreamlike Chateau Dumas and for the Textile & Draping Retreat the picturesque Chateau Marteret, admidst of 200 hectare untouched nature, a true oasis for inspiration and creativity. For both retreats registration has started and we do have a few free vacancies left.
In the spring workshops based in Berlin you can learn the art of Japanese or Free Draping and for all sponteanous among you there is a Upcycling & Draping Workshop in Zürich, Switzerland – end of January.
I look forward to the many inspiring encounters in 2018.
I wish you from the bottom of my heart a year full of inspiration, joy and fulfillment. 
May you be protected by the love that guides your way.

With all my heart,
Christine Mayer

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Christine’s work in Selvedge Magazine

October 23, 2017

goose jacket

Years ago people made do and mended out of necessity, but out of this grew a love for darning, hand-stitching, patching and fixing old and worn garments. Today things have changed, and the invaluable skills that our mothers and grandmothers once learned are being lost in a world in which replacing an old or damaged jumper can cost as little as a coffee.


While it’s true that we do spend a smaller proportion of our incomes on clothing than we did 50 years ago, we now also consume in huge quantities. Gone are the days our grandparents remember; of saving for months for a new pair of shoes and making do in the meantime.linnen mix jacket

There is hope though, for a more sustainable fashion industry, and there are people out there encouraging new ways (or should we say old ways) of thinking. Christine Mayer is one of them, teaching the art of garment upcycling; the creative reuse of worn and used fabrics. She gives people the opportunity and skills to work with old and loved fabrics and to re-imagine them as brand new garments.

Tilbert-und-Freimut.web Kopie

Her most recent collection has been made entirely from recycled fabric with a lot of love. As she puts it, she wants her clothes to ‘embrace the people who wear them’. What we appear to have lost over time is the attachment to and love for our clothing, and through her work Mayer reminds us of the great tenacity of this connection.

Christine Mayer will lead one of Selvedge’s residential workshops next summer at Chateau Dumas. Click here for more information about her workshop ‘Free Draping: A New Purpose For Vintage Textiles’.

For more on upcycling take a look at our ‘Green’ issue. 

For more on Mayer read our ‘Localisation’ issue.