“Draping is about listening to the material and following the flow of its expression.”


The art of draping and upcycling was developed by Christine Mayer from the classic drapery. It represents a further development of the three- dimensional pattern cutting – working directly on the dress form with original materials. The designer becomes a sculptor who develops its creation directly on the bust – in harmony with the materials and body shape. Christine Mayer’s most recent collections has been made entirely from recycled fabric with a lot of love. As she puts it, she wants her clothes to ‘embrace the people who wear them‘. Christine is teaching the creative reuse of worn and used fabrics. She gives people the opportunity and skills to work with old and loved fabrics and to re-imagine them as brand new garments.

As a Kundalini yoga teacher Christine integrates yoga and meditation into her workshops and retreats. This helps the participants to go deeper inside of themselves with their awareness and to enfold their creative force.