Kundalini yoga and meditation have become an essential part of my life and of my personal and creative development. I also use this wonderful technique in my workshops so as to foster the participants’ creative processes and connect them with their full potential.

While my creative work mostly has to do with the transformation of fabrics and items of clothing, for me kundalini yoga has become a major tool for the deep transformation of life. It contains the power of radical liberation and bestows serenity and love of life.
Practising kundalini yoga and meditation on a daily basis increasingly unfolds our full potential and gives us a fulfilled life in awareness and joy. It gives us back the responsibility for our lives, allowing us to ride the life forces like a wave instead of being ridden by life’s demons and storms.
Kundalini yoga changed my life! It freed me in so many ways, and gives me the strength every day to meet life’s challenges while always remaining centred and calm. For me it’s the key to a happy, creative and fulfilled life.