Image: Garments Christine Mayer, photography © Billy & Hells.


Christine Mayer has launched a new three part online draping class dedicated to jackets, which starts on 30 May. During the class, Christine will teach upcycling using a men’s jacket, men’s shirt or military shirt, which will be transformed into a women’s fitted jacket. In addition to her own classes, which includes a class for Australian timezones, Christine will also be teaching online for Selvedge in June. Here, Christine talks about her positive experience of ‘virtual’ teaching and why draping is her preferred way of creating unique garments.


Images taken by Christine during a draping workshop May 2020.


How have you found teaching online rather than in person?

The online workshops work really well. My teachings are focused on the draping demonstrations where the participants can see how I’m working. That opens often the eyes to a new way of thinking about the process of creating. After these demonstrations people start to drape on their own dress form in their homes or studios. I “go around” virtually and talk to everybody and try to help if help is needed. With an online format self-responsibility is required, as I cannot help with my hands and show them anything on their pieces directly. I have to trust that they do it in their own way just with the inspiration I gave them. That’s for me as well a great learning process!



What do you like about draping as a process?

The goal in my workshops is always to free people from old learned structures and habits and to give the permission to think things in a radical new way. So, it’s about coming out of a cage and going beyond the limitations. Draping is a wonderful way to get free of any concepts of the mind. I teach people that there are no rules in draping. It’s about listening to the material and following the flow of its expression. The fabric always guides you and that’s the whole secret in draping. I love to teach this and to observe how the participants then explore and free themselves. It’s like if the fabric talks to you in a way that you feel the history of the textile so you can add something of yourself and your own history to the piece.



Online Draping Workshop, Unit I, Jackets starts on 30 May. Online draping workshop – special for Australia/ New Zealand starts on 10 July.

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