March 26-28, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona, USA

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The art of Free Draping and Upcycling was developed by Christine Mayer from the classic Japanese drapery. It represents a further development of the three-dimensional pattern cutting, working directly on the dress form with original materials. Especially by dealing with recycled materials and old fabrics, this is an inspiring method to directly influence the given materials, structures and the individual fit. The designer becomes a sculptor who develops its creation directly on the dress form – in harmony with the materials and the body shape.

In this workshop you will learn and experience a new way of working with fabrics. You will be guided and carefully introduced to the art of draping. Christine Mayer supports you in the individual process to grow the personal potential and to express it. You will work on your own creations on the dress form and design your very personal clothings. You can choose your favorite material – such as old linen or flour sacks, recycled denims or mens shirt, you can also bring your own vintage clothings or a special one-of-a-kind fabric piece or fabrics with old embroideries. The most important thing is that you have a connection to the material you are working with. Christine Mayer will guide you to develop a personal treasure by upcycling and material processing. She will gently take you to new approaches and new expressions in your creative work.

We’re honored to host Christine in the studio on March 26-28, 2018 for a customized 3-day workshop on Draping & Upcycling Garments in her notable style.

Inquiries and application please contact Karen Lukacs:

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