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Of Beauty and Light | A Path of Transformation | Limited book edition



The world stands still!
Coronavirus has overrun the earth like a wave and brought everything to a halt.
This little virus, which doesn’t recognise borders or need a passport to travel from one country to another, has begun to rule our world. From one day to the next it has silenced everything. It is teaching us that we are all equal and connected. We are all vulnerable!

My year was well prepared. It was going to be the best year of my career. Six workshops and retreats had been planned for the first six months alone, and all of them were booked out by the end of last year. But difficulties begin to arise even at the first course in Berlin: two participants don’t come, for fear of the virus. I don’t really take it seriously, and invite them to take part online. I am sure that this virus will pass by me without a trace; it’s not in my karma to be infected. Then the European borders begin to close, one after the other. The first curfews are enforced.

The moment I realise that my work is in danger, that I can’t travel to the United States as planned and won’t be able to lead any workshops in the coming months – that’s when the virus hits me with full force! I admit the fear for a short moment, let it enter my field, and my immune system breaks down. Two grim weeks of almost indescribable headaches and aching bones follow, and dreams that might have come more from the screenplay of a horror film than from what I had thought was inside me up to now.
At the darkest point I am finally able to accept the pain and look it in the eye. This is the turning point. The lift back up to the light. From now on I experience the virus like the crossing of a threshold, like an initiation. An awakening to a wider field of consciousness, perhaps to a new time, a new world.

Silence has returned, and runs through my everyday life like a silver thread. I intuitively begin to live according to a strict rhythm, now and then doing things that nourish and ground me. In the morning I teach yoga and mediation online, and these precious hours of fellowship with dear people are a balm to the soul.
Suddenly I have lots of time. For years the idea has been taking shape in my heart to bring to light a book about my work, my path and a deeper definition of beauty. But there was never the time, the calm, the readiness for contemplation. Through the silence I begin to sense that now is the time. The book is coming to me, wishes to be born. These are the given moments in a journey to myself.

The world is changing! And we would do well to change with it. Let’s forget our familiar past habits. A new time is coming, and it’s urging something new on us. Let’s prepare ourselves and receive the change. Let’s renew and uplift ourselves, and we will find pure love and a deep peace in the new light.
This challenging time is peeling away everything unimportant and distracting. It contains the gift of a reconnection with our true essence. If we remain flexible and creative in spirit and accept the challenges, we can grow together into a new era in which love and compassion are the foundations for human coexistence.

Berlin, April 2020

Becoming open
Receiving the forces of the universe
Expressing them in your own way

Every moment is an act of creation
Everything is in motion
continually emerging and ceasing to be
living and dying

flowing in harmony with the divine breath



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