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November 2020 – November 2021 including 15 online classes


The Draping & Upcycling Masterclass is a year-long intensive online training with Christine Mayer, to evolve the creative potential. The goal is to go through the full process of creating an Upcycling Collection with the different three-dimensional techniques of Free Draping, Upcycling and Japanese Draping. Each participant will be guided and supported  personally by Christine to find their own way of working and creating items which are unique, individual and mirroring the personal process.

Christine’s approach lies in a deep expression of the individual being and in finding a way of working to express oneself.  This could be a special surface design, an individual stitching or embroidery of the textiles or an exceptional collection of materials participants are using. By working directly on the dress form they will learn from Christine how to drape and stitch in an artful way. This fresh and liberating way of making clothes brings with it a new set of possibilities that have far more in common with sculpting than dressmaking. The dimension participants can move through, lies in the deep field between fashion and art and can become an intuitive creating from an infinitive space of beyond.

The monthly themes of these classes include as well everything around the items like packaging design, photo shooting or exhibitions of the own work. Questions like “what is inspiration and how can it be transformed into an artful own voice” and others will be discussed and experienced.

Even if the wish is to work only for oneself and not with a professional background, these classes give the participants the chance of a deep process within oneself as well as a personal and creative progression.

This Masterclass could be the first step of a worldwide community of creative Upcycling & Draping lovers with a development of a common platform or exhibitions to present and sell the products.

Christine is planning to organize an Upcycling & Draping world-class in summer 2022, to come together and strengthen the ties with each other.



The art of draping and upcycling was developed by Christine Mayer from the classic Japanese drapery. It represents a further development of the three-dimensional pattern cutting – working directly on the bust with original materials.
Especially by dealing with recycled materials and old fabrics, this is an inspiring method to directly influence the given materials, structures and the individual fit. The designer becomes a sculptor who develops their creation directly on the bust – in harmony with the materials and body shape.

Polly Leonard, Selvedge Magazine:
“Christine Mayer’s most recent collections has been made entirely from recycled fabric with a lot of love. As she puts it, she wants her clothes to ‘embrace the people who wear them’. What we appear to have lost over time is the attachment to and love for our clothing, and through her work Mayer reminds us of the great tenacity of this connection. Christine Mayer is teaching the art of garment upcycling; the creative reuse of worn and 
used fabrics. She gives people the opportunity and skills to work with old and loved fabrics and to re-imagine them as brand new garment.”


Christine Mayer


Masterclass 1             November 21 & 22, 2020 (full weekend)
Masterclass 2             January 30, 2021
Masterclass 3             February 27 & 28, 2021 (full weekend)
Masterclass 4             March 27, 2021
Masterclass 5             April 24 & 25, 2021 (full weekend)
Masterclass 6             May 29, 2021
Masterclass 7+8        July 2 – 4, 2021 (3-day intensive live or Zoom session in Berlin)
Masterclass 9             October 2, 2021
Masterclass 10          November 13 & 14, 2021 (full weekend)

Workshop time from 5pm – 8pm (Berlin CET time zone)

Time Zones:
CET (Berlin) 5pm-8pm
GMT (London) 4pm-7pm
EDT (Eastern) 11am-2pm
CDT (Central) 10am-1pm
MDT (Mountain) 9am-12am
PDT (Pacific) 8am-11am



1.000€                     Deposit with confirmation
1.000€                     March 1, 2021
900€                        June 1, 2021

Place is limited and your place is reserved with your deposit payment of 1.000€
Class language English

November 2020 – November 2021 | 15 Online Classes | Fully booked • Closed


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