A textile journey to the northern part of Thailand including a 6 day draping workshop

November 24 – December 8, 2019  Chiang Mai & Bangkok (optional)

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The Journey
This journey has been curated for you as a creative and authentic cultural experience, with a strong focus on Thai textiles and design. Christine Mayer will be accompanying you during these 14 days and you will enjoy a varied program of draping and weaving classes, textile excursions, traditional textiles and handcraft experiences, sightseeing and art and design. A draping workshop with Christine is included in this program which will consist of 6 full days. The culmination of the journey is a visit to Chiang Mai Design Week.


Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a land of the misty mountains and colorful hill tribes, located 700 km north of Bangkok. The city lies around the valley on the banks of the Ping River. It was founded in 1296 as the capital of Lanna Kingdom and today it is a place where the past and present merge together perfectly.

Chiang Mai offers a historical record of Lanna textile tradition and its legacy of master weavers. The textiles were woven for specific purposes such as tube skirts and breast cloths for women and as sarongs or farmer pants for men. People still wear traditional clothes to official and festive occasions. Chiang Mai offers an amazing insight into Thai Textiles and the ethnic dress of the Northern Thai hill tribes. Each tribe which migrated from the Himalaya foothills to Thailand has a unique textile tradition which contrasts with the others whilst also being complementary.
Silver and gold thread embroidery, seed embroidery, applique and chain stitching of animal and insect motifs are popular adornments. The women of the six most prevalent tribes, the Karenm Lisu, Meo, Lahu, Yao and Akha, all go to the Chiang Mai markets to sell their hand-woven textiles.


NA NIRAND  a romantic boutique resort
The beautiful gem NA NIRAND, a romantic boutique resort and charming hideaway nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai, will be the refuge for your 11 days stay in Chiang Mai. This hotel has a deep history of textiles and crafts and was owned by the Chiang Mai royal family.

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Na Nirand aspires to promote, conserve, and convey local knowledge, in order to prevent its disappearance over time. Traditional crafts are used in every aspect of design, such as the many unique Lanna woven cloth patterns, room utilities constructed by local villagers, including wood and rattan furniture, to display the skills of the local craftsmen and to help spread extra income among the communities.
The resort is surrounded by indigenous trees, large and small, allowing guests to feel and experience natural peace, tranquility, and relaxation. The residences and facility buildings are all designed to encompass the giant rain tree, which distinctly stands as the centerpiece and Heart of NA NIRAND.

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Draping Workshop
The art of draping and upcycling was developed by Christine Mayer from the classic Japanese drapery. It represents a further development of the three-dimensional pattern cutting – working directly on the bust with original materials.
Especially by dealing with recycled materials and old fabrics, this is an inspiring method to directly influence the given materials, structures and the individual fit. The designer becomes a sculptor who develops it’s creation directly on the bust – in harmony with the materials and body shape.
In this retreat you may experiment, research and explore new ways of dealing with fabrics, colours, forms and haptics in your design and artistic process. Textile work, upcycling, draping or sewing could become your personal ways to express and communicate. Working directly onto a mannequin that is a replica of your body shape, you’ll learn from Christine how to drape and stitch in an artful way to create original items of clothing that fit you like a second skin. This fresh and liberating way of making clothes brings with it a new set of possibilities that have far more in common with sculpting than dressmaking.
Each participant will be guided and supported gently by Christine with the three-dimensional work on the dress form. Through presentations in front of the group, and in individual teachings you will experience a complete new way of dealing with fabric and pattern making, via visual and hands-on approaches. It won’t take long for you to understand the principles of working three-dimensionally and you’ll enjoy the process of allowing your garments to evolve.

Weaving and Dyeing Workshop at Baan Rai Jai Sook
This little gem is owned and run by Nussara Tiengket, a textile professional, historian and designer. At Baan Rai Jai Sook you will learn the history of Northern Thai textile development and the process of making a beautiful piece of sarong fabric by using traditional dye and weaving.
A full day workshop will take place at Mrs. Nussara’s house. The lunch and coffee break will be served here.
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Textile Museum Sbun-Nga
The textile museum is owned by a professor, who dedicated all of his life to collecting master pieces of textiles, which belong to Northern Thailand’s royal families. This man will show you his amazing historical textile collection and also open his textile museum Sbun-Nga for you.
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Sightseeing Chiang Mai
Together with a local guide you will visit the MUST SEES in Chiang Mai. There will be one sightseeing day before and one after the workshops.
There is an optional extra offer of a 3-day Bangkok tour before the Chiang Mai journey starts, to visit the Queen Sirikit Textile Museum, go for some shopping trips, experience the colorful floating market in the morning and having an amazing traditional Thai dinner. You will stay in the sophisticated Sukhothai hotel in the center of Bangkok.
Chiang Mai
  • 6 days draping workshop (Upcycling and Free Draping) with Designer Christine Mayer
  • 1 day weaving and dying workshop with Thai textile artist Mrs. Nussara Tiengket
  • Visit of the textile museum Sbun-Nga
  • Chiang Mai Textile excursion
  • 2 days Chiang Mai sightseeing
  • Textile shopping
  • Visit of Chiang Mai Design Week
  • Temple Visit
  • KanToak dinner
  • Massages during the workshop (optional)
  • Daily Meditation & Tai Chi morning sessions
Bangkok (3-day optional journey)
  • Bangkok Sightseeing and Shopping
  • Chinatown
  • Grand Palace
  • Queen Sirikit Textile Museum
  • Floating market


Christine Mayer will accompany you during this journey and teach you her inspiring art of Draping on the dress form

Berlin-based fashion designer Christine Mayer has built a fashion career on re-purposing clothing and breathing new life into old garments.   She is a pioneer of three-dimensional free draping with fabric, an art form she has adapted and developed from her studies in classical Japanese drapery.
When it comes to clothing design, Christine’s style is recognisable for its collage aesthetics; where pattern and fabric constantly interrupt each other’s spaces. “Material that has been marked by life” is one of Christine’s biggest inspiration.
The aim in Christine’s teachings is to learn and experience a new way of dealing with fabrics. It’s about a conscious opening that moves away from the two-dimensional space, towards a unique three-dimensionality.

Christine is also trained in Salubrious Work and meditation. She teaches students and teachers at international fashion colleges and leads creative retreats and workshops in United States, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

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Chiang Mai
The Chiang Mai journey takes place from November 27 – December 8
Arrival in Chiang Mai: Thursday, November 27, 2019

price per person in double room                                                                           4.995€
price per person in single room                                                                              5.795€
partner-price without draping workshop in double room                           4.495€                                   


  • 6 days draping workshop with Designer Christine Mayer
  • 1 day weaving and dyeing workshop with Thai textile artist Mrs. Nussara Tiengket
  • visit of the textile museum Sbun-Nga
  • Chiang Mai Textile excursions
  • 2 days Chiang Mai sightseeing
  • visit of Chiang Mai Design Week
  • KanToak dinner
  • daily Meditation & Tai Chi morning session
  • accommodation in the boutique hotel NA NIRAND in Chiang Mai
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner during the journey (except one dinner Dec.3rd and one lunch Dec.7th)

Not including:

  • international flights to Chiang Mai
  • transfer to the hotel
  • travel insurance

Optional you can book the 3-day Bangkok textile and sightseeing journey
Arrival in Bangkok: Monday, November 24, 2019
Departure and flight back to Bangkok: Monday, December 8, 2019

price per person in double room                                                                            1.295€
price per person in single room                                                                              1.495€
incl. flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and back to Bangkok

The optional 3-day Bangkok journey includes: 

  • Bangkok Sightseeing and Shopping
  • Chinatown
  • grand Palace
  • Queen Sirikit Textile Museum
  • floating market
  • accommodation at the Sukhothai hotel
  • breakfast and 2 x dinner in Bangkok
  • flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and back to Bangkok
  • transfer to the hotel in Chiang Mai

Not including:

  • international flights to Bangkok
  • lunch
  • dinner at the free evening
  • travel insurance


Workshop language: English

Space is limited and early registration recommended.
Registration and informations: christine@intothelight.de or use the contact form below.

International flights to Bangkok/Chiang Mai are not included in this journey. 


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