The road to fashion hell is paved with good intentions. In many cases the urge to create something sustainable and beautiful falters and fails – the spirit is willing but the style is weak. Enter Christine Mayer, a designer with the strength to make her philosophy materialise into two collections each year that combine worthy aims with a wonderfully theatrical but unfussy style.
MAYER. Peace Collection represents the fusion of fashion, charity and the enchanting transformation of vintage linens, picked up on Christine’s trips through the bustling flea markets in her native Berlin. Each and every garment is handmade using historic fabrics and haberdashery, and all of the profits benefit various charity projects that have stayed close to Mayer’s heart for many years, supporting underprivileged children in Nepal and India. In Christine’s own words, “Everything we do is about love: everything we give will flow back to us in the end…”

Learn from Christine this summer as she joins us at the beautiful Chateau Dumas. Using a traditional tailors’ dummy and Christine’s dressmaking techniques, inspired by the art of Japanese draping,  she will teach you how to drape, fold and stitch vintage fabrics to create a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Using her liberating technique you’ll discover this way of working has more in common with sculpting than dressmaking. Christine encourages you to bring a collection of vintage fabrics that you love for their special details. Additional fabrics can be purchased at the Sunday  market in the medieval town of St Antonin-Noble-Val…

An embroidered monogram, a decoratively stitched piece of fabric or even an heirloom belt buckle can open a whole new world of possibilities. Working together with Christine, you will create a new garment with this exclusive fashion philosophy. As long as you have a connection to the vintage piece or accessory you are working with, you will step into the world of the MAYER. Peace Collection  with a familiar fabric, and step out with a transformed – and timeless – work of art.  Prices from €1935 Free- Draping, 19-26 August.